The Mattress Buying Checklist From Annapolis Furniture

It is difficult to find a good mattress for your house. You have probably had a few bad experiences before and want to make sure that this time; there is no sagging or drooping. And those body moulds? This is clearly nothing that you would want when you buy your next mattress from furniture stores in Annapolis MD. Here, we present a checklist that would help you in buying a mattress that suits your needs as well as your pocket. Plus, the good quality will make the mattresses quite long lasting and make your investment worthwhile. If you need any more help, please visit for more information.

furniture stores in Annapolis MD1. Always make sure that you make a list of your requirements- Before going to the furniture stores in Annapolis, you must first make sure that you are clear about what you want. Do you wish to get a mattress that takes care of your lower back pain? Do you prefer firm over soft or vice versa? When your requirements are clear, you would be making better choices.

2. Go to the best furniture store in town- Never forget that finding good furniture stores Annapolis MD is the key to buying great mattresses. Atlantic Bedding and Furniture is undoubtedly the best store that you can find in town. They have the best in quality and the best in prices as well. Overall, it is a complete furniture and mattress store. So you must make sure to pay a visit to them.

3. Lay down on the mattress to check the comfort level- These days, not many people are found laying down on the mattress of their choice before buying mattresses from Annapolis furniture stores. They would simply got the looks or touch it with the hand for the most. However, this is not the right approach for finding the best mattress. You must lie down on the mattress for at least 30 seconds in order to check the comfort level. After all, you will be sending the next few years of your life sleeping on this mattress. Therefore, 30 seconds is a very small time to spend for a test.

4. Check for additional features- The looks and the comfort level have been talked about a lot. Now, you have to check whether or not there are additional features in the mattress. There are many mattresses that are made specifically for those people who are suffering from lower back pain. Again, there are mattresses that are made specifically with natural fibers and so on. The choices are many.

5. Look for No Credit Check options- The no credit check option is great for those who do not like to carry their credit cards everywhere. This facility is available only in a few furniture stores Annapolis like Atlantic Bedding and Furniture. The users will simply have to carry a few documents like their bank statements and their photo ID proofs at the time of their purchase. The cost of the mattress will be divided equally and charged from your checking account each month on your payday. You can even choose the frequency of these payments. You must never forget to ask for this option at the store.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Mattresses from Furniture Stores DC

Mattresses are big investments and this is the reason why people should pay extra attention to make sure that whatever mattress they buy is of good quality. However, no matter how hard we try and how much research we do about our mattresses, we make a few common mistakes that often make us buy the wrong product from the furniture stores in Northern Virginia. To avoid these mistakes, it is important that we learn what we are doing wrong and how to avoid them. Do visit if you seek more information.

Here is a small guide to these common mistakes that will help you buy a better mattress next time:

  • furniture stores Washington DCNot taking measurements before going to the Washington DC furniture stores- It is very important to take appropriate measurements of the bed before you go and buy a mattress. These days, beds are available in non-standard sizes as well. Therefore, it is essential that you have clear measurements of the bed. This will save a lot of time for you and would also help you steer clear of ill fitting mattresses.
  • Not taking the ‘lay down’ test in furniture stores Washington DC- Often, it is the best way to check the quality and comfort level of the furniture. You must not feel bogged down by any presumptions or sales pitches by the salespersons. If you have really made up your mind to buy a mattress, then you must lie down on the mattress for at least 30 seconds in order to determine whether or not it is suitable for you.
  • Don’t get confused between ‘soft’ and ‘comfortable’- Most of the people who come to buy mattresses from furniture stores in Washington DC, ask for the most soft and plush mattresses. They mistakenly think that softer mattresses will be more comfortable. However, it is also true that plush or soft mattresses are more prone to sagging which causes discomfort for the users. The key is to look for a mattress that is equal parts soft and firm. When you get an equivalent strength of plush comfort and firm support, you will be able to find the best mattress. Again, lying down on the mattress will be a good idea.
  • Remember to check for ‘No Credit Check’ options in furniture stores in Chantilly VA- We all have heard about this option but never got the time to think about it. Buying mattress is a big investment and you can choose to pay as per your convenience and not through a credit card or a post dated check. The best place to explore this option for buying mattress is definitely Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores. They have the best collection of branded mattress available at very reasonable prices. They also provide all these at the No Credit Check option. All you have to do is bring your bank statement, your photo ID and a few other documents. Then you can pay or your mattress from your checking account on your payday. Don’t forget to check the eligibility conditions!

Mattresses You Can Purchase at Charleston Furniture Stores

There are a number of different mattress types that you can buy at Charleston furniture stores.  Some of the most popular include the inner coil spring mattress, the memory foam and the air mattress.

15If you are in the market looking for a mattress, mattress stores charleston sc offer a variety of bedding products that can fit your needs.  Choosing the right mattress can literally mean the difference between having a good night’s sleep or waking up with an aching back.  Atlantic bedding furniture stores can help you find the right mattress for your bed.  Here is a primer on some of the different available mattresses that you can find at an Atlantic bedding furniture store. Visit for more information.

Foam mattresses are one of the most common mattress types available today. They were gradually introduced in the market three decades ago.  Currently, the most popular foam mattresses are the memory foam mattress and the latex mattresses. Each has their own distinct characteristics that put them in a distinct class from one another.  Memory foam mattresses are a product of space age technology and were originally intended for use in the US space program.  It has a special feature that allows it to adhere to the shape or contour of a person’s body as they are lying on their back providing excellent support for the spine and neck.  They are also able to absorb kinetic energy and therefore do not disturb the other person sleeping on the bed while the other one gets out.  Latex mattresses are the latest in mattress technology.  They are made using all natural materials or a combination of synthetic and natural.  They offer the best comfort when it comes to mattresses as people feel that they are lying on a cloud.  The downside of this is that they are quite expensive.

Inner spring mattresses have been around for a long time and are still considered to be the most popular mattress type owing to their affordability and availability.  It uses an inner coil spring that supports the foam allowing a springy feeling when one is lying down.  They come in different levels of firmness depending on the preference of the consumer.

If you have guests in the house, then the air mattress is the perfect mattress type to bring out for your houseguests to sleep in.  It is basically a mattress inflated with air.  It is quite comfortable and very easy to store and deploy as long as you have an air pump.

Futons are basically another type of mattress, which are usually designed to be used with loungers that can double as a bed.  They can be made with the spring type design or with foam. Most however, are only filled up with cotton fibers allowing added flexibility when it comes to storage.

Tips to Store a Mattress

It is quite challenging to store a mattress if it is not in use but you still need to keep it for a later use. Here are few tips for storing a mattress, so that it can retain its original shape and also last for a longer period of time.

5.0.2Generally, you would find one or more extra mattresses in any home. It could be for the guests or for your own use. But what do you do if you do not need this extra mattress now that your guests have left or maybe you are going out on a very long vacation?  Ideally, you would let it remain where it is or put it back in the store room.  It could be very tricky if you do not have proper place to store your mattress but at the same time you want to save it from any potential damages.

Know the Tips

The first thing that you should do is to buy a mattress bag or a similar covering where you can put your mattress. This bag is usually made of water proof or plastic material. Most of them have a zip lock to keep mattress intact in the bag. This will ensure that your mattress is safe from dampness, insects, dirt or any other thing that may have a damaging impact on the mattress. You must buy a mattress cover which can accommodate your mattress size perfectly.  Also you must see that cover or bag can be sealed properly after storage.

Once you have the mattress sealed in the bag, you must find a storage place for it. Usually, the convenient place to store a mattress is either your basement or a storage cupboard. But it is advisable to refrain putting your mattress in a basement because this area is usually damp and more sensitive to drain leakages or floods. In case you have no other option but to use the basement as the storage location for the mattress, then you must put it above the floor level. Perhaps a tall wooden rack would be a good idea for storage.

A mattress may lose its original form or its internal material may get damaged if you roll it up. Until and unless you are very pressed for space, try to store mattress in a flat position. Also do not put any heavy items on mattress or else the material inside it will contract under the weight of that item. It is recommended that you take out the mattress from its storage location once in a while and put it under mild or indirect sunlight for some time. These tips will surely help you to extend the life of your mattress.

How To Make Your Mattress Last Long

To make your mattress last long make sure to clean, rotate and flip it regularly. Do not use harsh chemicals on the mattress while cleaning. Use a mattress cover to prevent dust from getting on to it. Keep the mattress as dry as possible to inhibit microbial and mold growth. Handle the mattress with care while carrying and covering.

4Nothing is more important than having a right mattress to sleep on when you come home frightfully tired after a day’s long work. While having the right kind of a mattress is important, what is also vital is that you maintain it properly to prolong its life. On an average a good quality mattress will last for around 8 to 10 years, but with some basic care, it should serve your sleep needs much longer. Here are some tips that can enhance the life of your mattress considerably.

Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Mattress

Two key tips for lengthening the life of your mattress are to keep it clean and to prevent it from undergoing excessive wear. Keeping the mattress clean is necessary to inhibit microbial growth that will not only spoil the bedding but also your health. The best way to prevent the mattress from getting dirty would be to use a mattress cover or pad. You can always remove the cover and launder it, while the same cannot be done for the bedding.

If your mattress does catch some stains, remove those using mild detergents, baking soda, vinegar or a citrus-based cleaner. Take care never to use dry cleaning products as these can be quite harsh. Periodically, vacuum the mattress to suck away dust, mites and flaked skin.

Apart from external cleaning, you should also take care of the internal health of the mattress. This can be done by regular rotating and flipping of the mattress so that the springs and foam on all sides receive even pressure. It is also important that you handle the mattress carefully. Preferably, carry it flat on its side rather than bending it. Bending the mattress might break its inner springs and cause you discomfort while sleeping. Likewise, do not bend the corners while putting on fitted sheets that will damage the look of your mattress on the whole.

One crucial point that does a lot towards prolonging the shelf-life of a mattress is to keep it as dry as possible. If infants or children are to use the bedding, use additional mattress pads to prevent any leakages from occurring directly on the mattress. Also, remember to remove the plastic covering that comes along with the mattress packaging as this will not allow the mattress to breathe.

Finally, do not forget to clean, flip or rotate your mattress at least once in 4 to 6 months as this will elongate the life of your mattress and help you save much money on new bedding purchases.

Top Seven Things You Should Know About Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses originate from the traditional Japanese culture. These pliable, foldable and extremely comfortable beddings are composed of bottom mattresses and quilted bedcovers. They can be transformed into sofas or stored away to save space. The mattresses come in varied type’s viz. woolen, cotton, memory foams, advanced innersprings, etc. The mattress covers can be changed and are available in various shades too. The covers provide optimum protection to the mattresses. Futon mattresses don’t require much maintenance either.

3Futon mattresses refer to the traditional Japanese beddings which are built with quilts and padded mattresses. The futon mattresses are highly pliable and hence, they are foldable too. This allows them to be stored and kept away during daytime, generating ample space in the bedroom for other essential tasks. This bedding set comprises of a bottom mattress (called shikibuton in Japanese) and a thickly quilted bedcover (called kakebuton in Japanese).

Buying Futon mattresses is something that people don’t buy every day and hence, it is very important that you know each and every aspect of the mattresses before making a purchase. Below mentioned are some facts about the mattresses:-

1)      For those who love convertible beddings, Futon is the way to go for them. This flexible furnishing item can be easily folded to save space. You can not only use them as a bed, but can also transform them into a full-fledged sofa. Having said that, there is no compromise made in terms of its comfort or luxury levels. They come in very handy for furnishing dormitories or as extra couches meant for unexpected guests.

2)      Futon mattresses come in varied types and builds. Ranging from cotton, wool and memory foams to advanced innersprings, there are a lot of options to choose from. It depends on your luxury and comfort requirements, budget and the theme of your bedroom that which type of futon mattresses you opt for.

3)      Different types of materials are used in manufacturing these beddings. Every type of material imparts an entirely different comfort and feel to the mattresses. There’s a type of futon mattress for your every need. Based on your preferences and purpose, you can opt for that perfect mattress which provides the correct firmness and rigidity to your back.

4)      The materials used in manufacturing the mattresses vary in their quality and compositions too. Top grade materials ensure optimum comfort and luxury. Hence, always check out the quality of the materials before making a purchase.

5)      The cover of the futon mattresses is removable and can be changed anytime. Thus, you can bring in a whole new look to your bedroom décor anytime you wish to. The covers are very affordable and come in varied colors and patterns suiting the taste of everyone. They range from natural designs, leather, and checkered styles to classic stripes.

6)      Futon covers are very crucial in terms of protection too. Being a top quality cover, it protects your costly mattress from all sorts of damages imposed by your kids, pets, guests, etc. Thus, you get both protection and style.

7)      Futon mattresses are not maintenance hungry. Just two vacuums a year are enough to keep them clean and beautiful. The mattresses are very light which facilitates them to be brought out in the sun or be taken to a nearby cleaner for a thorough wash.

How to Find a Mattress for People with Lower Back Pain?

A good mattress is essential and plays a vital role in reducing and reliving the lower back pain. A wrong mattress can worsen the pain and may lead to other complications so the chosen mattress must be firm enough to provide proper support and comfort.

Back pain has slowly started to accompany many people in the recent past, either due to food habits or due to poor life style lower back pain has occupied almost every houses. Not always working in computer for long hours is the only reason that leads to back pain, sleeping in a wrong mattress is also one of the major causes that lead to back pain; perhaps a wrong mattress can also worsen the case.

2If the mattresses do not provide needed support it leads to poor sleeping posture, this in turn strains the spine muscles and adds to lower back pain. The mattress chosen must provide required comfort and enough support to relieve back pain. Choosing the mattress for lower back pain is not that easy as there are so many misconceptions in this regard. This article briefs on how to select the best mattress for back pain. For years it has been advised that sleeping in firm mattress can reduce back pain, but recent research has shown that a medium firm mattress can give much better results than the firm mattress.

Tips to Select the Best Mattress for People with Lower Back Pain

There is no single mattress type of brand which works at its best to all people suffering from lower back pain. Each person has his own preferences, so it is better to consider the individual preferences first in choosing the mattress. The best mattress for lower back pain patients is the mattress which allows them to sleep comfortably without pain or stiffness.

Checking the features of mattress is next important step. Depth of mattress, arrangements of coils, padding positions and the like has to be enquired. Coils in the mattress are responsible for proper support, while padding helps to adjust the mattress according to body shape. Material with which the foam made also has to be ascertained and foam emitting toxic substances should be avoided.

A mattress which provides proper back support has to be chosen. The mattress chosen must get aligned with body shape and must accommodate the spinal cord without any discomfort. Proper support helps the body to stay away from muscle soreness. In the means of giving support the mattress should not add stress to the pressure points causing aches. The best mattress would the one which is firm enough to give support yet comfortable to help shoulders and hips stay at ease. Size of the mattress needs to be considered especially if it has to be shared. On an average a person flips around 50 times a day, sot eh mattress must be able to accommodate the motion changes. The easy tip here is to try the mattress before you actually buy it.

Top Mattresses Brands

Inner spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and air mattresses are the most chosen mattresses type. There are so many brands in the market today and each of these brands makes product that are unique in each way. To select the best brand one has to do a extensive research.

1Mattresses we choose plays a major role in inducing our sound sleep. It has a strong influence in the quality of our life, as sound sleep is essential for sound body and sound mind. There are so many different mattresses types and mattresses brands available today, each claiming to be the best. Even after thorough market research consumers could not land in the best brand. While some point towards some leading brand other claim that new cheap brand is even more worthy. Technical specifications of the mattresses are also not clearly understood and are not clearly explained, this leads to lot of confusions in choosing the right brand. This article briefs about some of the top mattresses brands and their features.

Get to Know the Top Mattresses Brands

Memory foam, latex mattresses and air mattresses are the most chosen mattresses brands. Tempur Pedic is the most popular brand which was originally developed by NASA. This is the first brand which introduced memory foam mattresses, so with this advantage the brand now features many classic collections. The material used in these types of mattresses holds the shape of the body and works to relive the pressure points. The new addition to this brand is breeze line which is designed to give a cooler relief. Contour collections, weight less collections, cloud collections and simplicity collections are some of their collections. All their mattresses have an ergo adjustable base.

Amerisleep is another most preferred brand. It has plant based memory foam and it is the native of United States. Due to growing concerns about the toxicity of the petroleum based products, this brand uses only natural extracts in place of petroleum products so that there is no harmful emission. The larger cell structure of this memory foam makes the sleeping cooler by allowing free circulation air.

Sealy is the very old brand which has its existence for more than 125 years. In the past it sold only inner spring mattresses but now it sells foam and latex mattresses. All their mattresses pass rigorous testing and it is allowed to sales only after this quality check. This brand is the choice of most of the budget conscious shoppers.

Beauty rest mattresses collection from Simmons is the most popular brand and is mostly chosen by couples. The special feature of this brand is that their line of mattresses is non-motion transference.  This allows the customers to flip and turn without disturbing the partner on the other side. Pocketed coil technology, air cool memory foam and Comofrpedic are the major features of this brand. Serta, Select comfort, Stearns and Foster are the other top most mattresses brands.

Selecting The Best Memory Foam Mattress

To select the best memory foam mattress, check its foam density, temperature sensitivity and the thickness of the memory foam layer. Also, note the mmHg and ILD of the mattress. Ideally, choose a mattress with multiple layers as this enhances its comfort levels. Additionally, check the warranty and place of manufacture to assure yourself of the product quality.

5.0.2For an uninterrupted night-long sleep it is essential that you choose the mattress carefully given that the market is flooded with different types of these bedding items. One of the best and the latest mattresses you can choose from is the memory foam one that is touted be a fast recovery mattress. The advantage of using this bedding is that it easily contours your body so that you feel truly rested when lying down on it.

If you plan to buy a memory foam mattress, you must bear in mind to select the right one that will genuinely contribute towards converting you into a sleeping beauty! Here are some tips to picking the best memory foam mattress.

Tips for choosing the Best Memory Foam Mattress

When you are searching for the right memory foam mattress there are three key factors you must consider- foam density, temperature sensitivity and thickness of memory foam layer. Foam density can be judged by the weight of the mattress measured in pounds per cubic foot. Ideally, you should choose a mattress that has a density between 5 and 7 pounds/cubic foot as such bedding will last at least up to 10 years. Beware of memory foam mattresses where the polyurethane layer is just a 1” topping for these will not last long despite having a density within the ideal range.

Temperature sensitivity is an important factor to consider as this softens or makes the mattress firmer depending on your body temperature. Accordingly, the mattress will absorb your body heat and give you a more relaxed sleep. Also, ensure that the memory foam layer thickness is adequate, at least 3 to 4 inches, as otherwise you are risking an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Additionally check for the bedding’s mmHg i.e. mattress reaction against pressure and foam Indentation Loan Deflection (ILD), as these directly determine the mattress’s comfort levels. Go in for a mattress that has a low mmHg i.e. one that will provide more pressure relief and choose the one that has an ILD between 6 and 40. Furthermore, look for multiple layers in the mattress with each layer having a different mmHg and ILD so that they work synergistically towards enhancing your comfort levels while sleeping.

Finally, see if the bedding comes with a warranty and note its place of manufacture just to assure yourself of the mattress’s quality. If you follow these few tips while searching for a memory foam mattress, you are sure to take home the best one available in the market.